We work on mobile platforms since 2002. We focused our attention on the iPhone platform since its release. We realize custom applications that run on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.
From a pen and paper prototype we can build an app. If you have just a white sheet, bring it on! We have a pen, and we can design an app together.

If you already have a website we can optimize it for visualization on mobile devices.


Studio Magnolia designs and develops web applications. We like open-source. Whenever possible we base our projects on open platforms like WordPress and Drupal.
We specialize in the design and development of custom themes and plugins, according to the needs of the client. We promote usability and effectiveness of user interfaces, fast loading and cross-compatible with all modern browsers.

Preferred tools are: photoshop, fireworks, wordpress, drupal, codeigniter.


We do consulting on Flash platform. We listen to the needs of the client and devise the best solution to his problems. Our expertise is focused on:

  • Adobe Flex 3/4
  • Actionscript 3
  • Adobe Air

Before coding we analyze the user experience of the prototype and we evaluate its effectiveness.